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Access to the industry's best coaches and trainers teaching you the advanced mindset, skillset, and marketing strategies to build lasting success.

Elevate your skills, mindset, and marketing with immersive training with talented experts that charge up to $25,000 per appearance.

You get them LIVE or on-demand every month as as a member of Masters Academy.
  • Ryan Weeden, Masters of Balayage founder and CEO and 8-figure marketing expert!
  • Phillip Foresto, Redken Ambassador, Owner of Expensive Hair Education
  • Chrissy Danielle, Global Ambassador for Truss Professional, Founder of the Blonde Roadmap
  • Nina Tulio, Industry-leading Consultant, Speaker, Educator, and famed Podcast Host
  • Jill Buck, A-list celebrity stylist to knowns like Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev, Jessica Simpson, and Selena Gomez, and top stylist at Nine Zero One
  • Dawn Bradley, Podcaster, Educator, Hairstylist, and mental health advocate, who teaches stylists how to break through 6-figures stress-free
  • Kelly CardenasFounder of the Vibe Room, Podcast Host, Cohost of Secret Knock, Keynote speaker, bestselling Author, Husband, Dad
  • Travis Parker, Founder of Travis Parker Academy and ground-breaking course 'Hairdressing Made Easy', and ARC Scissor Ambassador
  • Elizabeth Faye, Ted X Speaker, Hairstylist turned industry advocate, trauma informed business/ life coach, breath-work expert, Host of Hair Love Retreat
  • Carly Zanoni, aka. @theblondechronicles, and creator of BCU Academy
  • Samantha Harman, aka. @samanthasbeautyconfessions, Podcast Host, Speaker, Educator
  • Leysa Carillo, Founder of Forever Curls Academy and the Global Humanitarian Tour, podcast host
  • John Roussot, Best Selling Author, Founder and CEO of FiiT4GROWTH, and a Certified High Performance Coach
  • Brad BizjackPersonal Development Expert, Mindset Strategist and Coach, International Inspirational Speaker, and Podcast Host

Join Over 6,000 Achievers Worldwide Committed To Becoming A High Income, High Value Stylist.

You literally learn everything.

"Not only is this program a great marketing tool to attract potential clients, I was able to expand my knowledge in hand painting, color theory, blonding, but also business, branding, marketing... and it works!" Tammy F.


Been hooked from day one.

"Masters Academy is everything I need to take my skills and overall confidence to the next level. I love learning from so many experts and the community is something I never want to leave! I'm so hooked. LOL"  Liv M.


Love how it's so much more than just techniques.

"I love it all ESPECIALLY the coaching. So worth the investment and it's not like stuff I already know. But actually makes sense when growing my income and value." Austin T.


Read This Before Going ANY Further.

Your time is valuable. I get it. That's why I want to first make sure you're a good fit for Masters Academy.

In fact, only about 20% of you will find success here, because that's how few of you are committed to making real improvement in your life and career.

But those of you willing to do the work, to hold yourself accountability and take responsibility for your success...

It's not uncommon for the 20-percenters to make hundreds of thousands a year ⎯ even millions in your lifetime!

But here's the truth: Making money is only part of the equation.

The most successful high income, high value stylists have mastered the 3 core skillsets: Technical, Mindset, and Marketing

And that's what Masters Academy teaches you.

Not only will it provide you with expert education and success strategies that work in today's fast-changing world...

You'll surround yourself with other high achievers that will push you, support you, and cheer you on!

So if you're ready to have fun, kick butt, and make it your MISSION to unlock more freedom in your life, Masters Academy is your vehicle for massive, life-changing success.


Become a High Value, High Income Hairstylist With Masters Academy

So, Why A High Value, High Income Stylist?

Let's face it ⎯ Without money you can't pay your bills, take vacations, or build wealth you can share with your kids. And without value, you're not attractive to potential clients and can't charge premium prices.

That's Where Masters Academy Membership Comes In.

It's their fast-track to advanced skills, business savvy, and a network of elite professionals. This membership transforms their craft and business, granting them control over their time and income, and setting them apart in the hairstyling world.

Masters Academy Is The Secret To Achieving HIGH VALUE, High Income

It's the difference between the 80% of stylists that barely make any money, and the 20% that do!

Ready To Earn Fat Paychecks?

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But That's Not All Masters Academy Does...

Masters Academy Teaches You The Three Core Skillsets To Become A High Value, High Income Stylist 

All In One Convenient Spot!

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What's included in your membership

Become a Masters Academy Member now and get access to the hair industy's most transformational platfrom anytime, anywhere.

What's included in your membership

Become a Masters Academy Member now and get access to the hair industy's most transformational platfrom anytime, anywhere.

You also get instant access to Success Path...

All members get a personalized GPS to develop your personal vision, goals, and values so you can carve the path that's best for you and your life.

Success Path

A customized blueprint for success to help guide you through an immersive journey toward life mastery.

Backstage Pass

See it in real life! Get first-hand insight of how our experts are implementing EXACTLY what we're teaching you.

Member Makeover

Join live as we walk-through current member challenges and assist in implementing new strategies.

VIP Support

Through our exclusive community, VIP text line, and members-only live chat we make your growth a priority.

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Here's how Masters Academy works...

Bite-sized lessons. Less than 20 minutes a day. On your schedule.

Masters Academy Membership transforms you in the time it takes to savor your morning latte.

Our secret lies in a highly efficient method of self-improvement, focusing on the three core skillsets.

Get started right now with these four easy steps:

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Save up to $2,400/year with the 'Annual' plan


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Billed monthly

  • The "Trifecta" Certification Bundle! Get pro certified in our world-famous fast-track programs including the Balayage Masters Program, The Blonde Master Program, and Extensions Masters Program.
  • Life-changing 3-week Mindset and Well-being course on developing clarity, confidence, and building wealth.
  • Live Monthly Classes with Guest Experts on business, mindset, and high-income marketing.
  • Full Masterclass Library with on demand HD videos from Masters Academy Experts.
  • Exclusive Experts Community for connecting with driven students ready to unleash your full potential.
  • Free 14-day Trial then billed monthly $49. Cancel Anytime.
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(Courses, Live Classes + Coaching!)

Normally $299/yr


Billed annually (Save $2,400/year)


  • You get EVERYTHING in Monthly PLUS...
  • Annual Exclusive: Over $4,000 worth of deep dive online courses including the "Trifecta" certification bundle, Business and Marketing Growth Accelerator, and more UNLOCKED now!
  • Annual Exclusive: Success Path Small Group Coaching led by Ryan Weeden, to unlock your full potential in an intimate online workshop setting. ($1750 Value)
  • Annual Exclusive: Last Monday every month "Annual ONLY" Seminar, broadcast live + replay. Kickoff each month with Ryan and guest experts.
  • BONUS: Complete Hero Nashville Seminar REPLAY. ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: Masterclass Library with previous 12-months of training on all topics.
  • Free 7-day Trial then billed annually $199. That's less than $16/mo! Cancel Anytime.
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I'm Ryan Weeden

People often ask me how I went from flat broke to CEO of my own $10MM+ company, and this is what I tell them.

For years I let my clients walk all over me. I'd accommodate odd schedule requests coming in early, staying late or working on my days off, all because I was afraid to lose them. I worked tirelessly to make them happy. But I wasn't happy.

I knew there had to be an easier way.

So I obsessed about. Then, after almost ten years of trial and error in my own business, I discovered a way to shortcut the path to success (which is the foundation of Masters Academy!)

Not only did it add hundreds of thousands of dollars to my bank account, it also gave me more peace and freedom than ever before. Because now I had a system that worked, regardless of what was happening in the world.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find financial freedom doing what they love. I’ll show you how to earn 6-figures (or more!), working just 2-3 days per week, serving your favorite clients, without stressing about no-shows or slow months.

Become An In-Demand Stylist And Start Building Your Dream Life, Doing What You Love.

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